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40GB PlayStation 3 has 65nm chip

The 40GB PS3 uses less power and produces less noise

The new cut-down 40GB version of the PlayStation 3 has the more efficient 65nm version of the Cell processor. That's according to which spotted the revelation on a German computing website.

The big advantage of this is the reduction in power the massive PS3 will suck from the National Grid. It thankfully also means a reduction in noise levels - useful for all the hundreds of Blu-ray movies you probably won't be watching on it.

A cooler, quieter PS3

The website cites a 135W rating for the 65nm Cell chip, reduced from 200W as well as a halving of noise levels. Nice work if true, although the PS3 isn't the noisiest console on the block. That honour continues to go to Microsoft's Xbox 360, which can hum louder than a fridge.

The site is also reporting that, due to the change in processor, the console has a smaller heat pipe arrangement and modified motherboard. IBM currently makes the Cell processor and Sony has said that it plans to make further improvements by moving to a 45nm process in late 2008/early 2009.

The £299 40GB PS3 has already stormed the charts in the UK, while it is due for a North American release on Friday.