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McAfee places LiveSafe as a pre-install

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It's looking to simplify security

McAfee is looking to extend the reach of its LiveSafe security tool through being included as a pre-install on devices with Intel Core i3 and higher processors.

The company has said the product is available on Ultrabooks and PCs from "leading manufacturers", although it has not stated which ones, as well as through retailers.

It can be used on a number of devices, including Macs, tablets and smartphones, with a single subscription. Among the software's features are virus and malway protection, spam and email blocking and anti-phishing.

They appear alongside hardware-enabled anti-theft capabilities for Ultrabooks that secure data on stolen devices through a remote locate and lock feature. Users can track devices on a map in addition to disabling the ability to uninstall programs, make changes to operating systems or remove hard drives.

Cloud security

A cloud-based account McAfee dubs 'SafeKey' also allows users to securely store and manage passwords across their devices by using a single sign to retrieve information over the internet.

Additionally, a secure storage service named Personal Locker uses biometric authentication for security in the form of face and voice recognition and provides users with 1GB of encrypted storage.

LiveSafe is managed through a web-based location that provides users with an instant overview of their managed devices. It is set to come preinstalled on Intel-powered Ultrabooks and PCs at a cost of US$79.99 (around £52, or AU$87) for a one-year subscription.

Kane Fulton
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