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Having Windows printer problems? This could be why

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Both business and consumer users of Malwarebytes' antivirus software have begun reporting that their printers are being taken offline in Windows 10 following a new update but there is a fix.

The issue began in mid-October after an update led to Windows network printers being blocked by the company's security software.

At this time, there are a few fixes for the issue including exiting Malwarebytes before printing, disabling the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) on a printer's port and disabling Malwarebytes Web Protection. However, these fixes can reduce the security of your computer and are not adequate long-term solutions to dealing with this issue.

Malwarebytes beta

For users of the consumer version of Malwarebytes, a fix is currently being tested in beta version with component package 1.0.1112.

To install the software's beta version, you'll need to head to Settings > General and enable the “Beta updates' setting. Once enabled, you'll then need to check for new updates in order to install the latest version and its components package.

Unfortunately, business customers using Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection will have to wait a bit longer as the beta fix is not available, though the company has said it will release one soon.

For users who are not using SNMP to manage their printers, they can disable SNMP by going to Windows 10's settings and finding Printers and Scanners under Devices. From here, you'll need to select your printer and click on the Manage button where you'll find the Ports tab under Printer Properties. By clicking on the Configure Port button, you can disable SNMP which will allow your printer to get back online.

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