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Microsoft's Xbox VR headset is alive, and it's already in the hands of developers

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TechRadar has learned that Microsoft's virtual reality headset is well into development, and it looks like we may see it in 2015.

Sources familiar with matter have informed TechRadar and VR Focus that the Xbox One headset dev kits are already in the hands of some developers, suggesting that the company is busily working to get software lined up.

While we have been given no explicit indication of time, a separate report from Digitimes claims Microsoft is planning to mass-produce the device in 2015. It also adds that the Project Morpheus rival is being headed up the team in charge of Surface tablet development.

Clash of the titans

Digitimes' own sources reckon Microsoft will showcase the device at E3 2015, with an eye to enter mass production in the same year.

Having learned ourselves that developers are already testing HMD, we'd say that it's highly likely to show up at E3, if not before. We previously revealed that Oculus VR was planning to launch the Rift by Summer 2015 in a limited rollout, so Microsoft's own reveal might be perfectly timed.

A Microsoft spokesperson told us: "We have nothing to share concerning these reports".