Call of Duty: Modern Warfare killstreaks: list of every CoD killstreak reward

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare killstreaks are back, huzzah! Killstreaks are the rewards you earn for managing to kill a certain number of enemy players without dying. The higher the requirement for the killstreak is, the more powerful it tends to be. These aren’t always pure firepower though, sometimes it’s a strong tactical advantage instead of simply using a big gun to take out your foes. 

You can unlock more of these powerful abilities by leveling up in multiplayer, but you can only equip three at a time. So, here is the full list of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare killstreaks so you can plan your perfect loadout. 

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare killstreaks 

Each of these rewards are split into how many kills it takes to use them in battle, and we’ve even listed what level they unlock at. Do keep in mind that there is a perk that allows you to use these game changing bits of kit one kill earlier, so that might be worth using if you like to try and get an advantage.

Three kills

Personal Radar
Unlocked: From the start.
Use: Deploys an escort drone that reveals nearby enemies on your mini-map and pings them in the world.

Shield Turret
Unlocked: From the start.
Use: Deploys a manual shielded turret. 

Four kills

Counter UAV
Unlocked: At level 36.
Use: Deploys a drone that scrambles the opposing team’s mini-maps and even messes with their senses as they get closer to it. 

Unlocked: At level 9.
Use: A recon ship that reveals enemy locations on your mini-map. 

Care Package
Unlocked: At level 28.
Use: Calls in a random killstreak care package to your location. 

Five kills

Cluster Strike
Unlocked: From the start.
Use: Allows you to set a signal to assault a designated location with cluster mortars. 

Cruise Missile
Unlocked: At level 45.
Use: Lets you control a long-range cruise missile that has a boost. 

Precision Airstrike
Unlocked: At level 15.
Use: Call in twin jets to carry out a precision strike.  

Seven kills

Infantry Assault Vehicle
Unlocked: At level 44.
Use: Summons a manned light infantry vehicle with a .50 cal machine gun on top. 

Sentry Gun
Unlocked: At level 13.
Use: Deploys an automatic turret that scans the environment for enemies to fire at.

Wheelson (not the son of wheel)
Unlocked: At level 23.
Use: Deploys a remote controlled UGV with an airburst turret.

Eight kills

Emergency Airdrop
Unlocked: At level 41.
Use: Call in three random killstreak care packages to your location. 

Unlocked: At level 20.
Use: Fires off a barrage of missiles before guarding a specific location of your choosing. 

Ten kills

White Phosphorous
Unlocked: At level 51.
Use: Covers the battlefield with a white smoke incendiary that will weaken and burn enemies. 

Chopper Gunner
Unlocked: From the start.
Use: Gain control of an assault chopper that has both a turret and air-to-land missiles. 

11 kills

Support Helo
Unlocked: At level 5.
Use: Call in a heavy assault helicopter that patrols the map and uses twin turrets to attack. 

12 kills

Unlocked: At level 31.
Use: Deploys a heavy assault gunship with multiple weapons. 

Advanced UAV
Unlocked: At level 48.
Use: An orbital UAC that reveals the enemy’s direction on your mini-map. 

15 kills

Unlocked: At level 55.
Use: Calls in a set of Juggernaut assault gear. The Juggernaut drops a minigun upon death. 

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