The next Pokémon TCG set will finally complete a beautiful multi-card picture

Several shiny cards
(Image credit: Nintendo)

The next Pokémon TCG will bring tons of fantastic new and shiny rare cards to both players and collectors alike. However, this set will also end a year-long artistic venture. 

Pokémon TCG Japan will always release a high-class set towards the end of every calendar year. This mainly includes the best-reprinted cards from previous sets, giving collectors a chance to catch up and get some of the best and rarest cards that may have previously eluded them. This year's high-class set will include a higher number of super-rare cards.

There have already been several new Pokémon confirmed for Shiny Treasure, including all the Paldea starters and evolutions, as well as the iconic Charmander ex from the Obsidian Flames set. While these additions are definitely something to get excited about, the most interesting and possibly important card in this upcoming set is actually a non-hollow Mime Jr. card by the artist Hyogonosuke. 

Hyogonosuke has created dozens of art for Pokémon cards, including some of the beautiful new full arts, such as Jinx and Hoothoot. However, since the first Paldea gen 9 set was released, Scarlet and Violet, he has created a 3x3 tapestry that includes nine various cards that can all be placed together to make an image. 

Pokemon TCG picture

(Image credit: Nintendo)

The full list of Pokémon included in this picture is as follows:

  • Skwovet - Scarlet and Violet 
  • Magikarp - Paldea Evolved 
  • Palossand - Paldea Evolved 
  • Combee - Obsidian Flames 
  • LeChonk - Obsidian Flames 
  • Swablu - Paradox Rift 
  • Gligar - Paradox Rift 
  • Horsea - Paradox Rift 
  • Mime Jr. - Shiny Treasure

There have been a few stunning multi-card pictures such as 151's full art starter cards, but none of them have spanned several sets. It's incredible to see when you place them up against each other and gives collectors yet another reason to look out for some of the more common cards. 

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