The latest PS5 beta finally makes the DualSense controller microphone a little less miserable to use

DualSense next to PS5
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As part of the latest PlayStation 5 beta, Sony has revealed a small handful of new enhancements that might be making their way to the console in future.

This includes changes to the software of the DualSense Wireless Controller and the DualSense Edge geared towards improving the audio capabilities of both peripherals. 

The most significant of these is improved noise cancellation while using the native microphone of the controllers. The recent announcement blog post states that this is thanks to a new AI machine learning model that will create “a better voice chat experience” by reducing the impact of background noise. 

Although I haven’t had time to go hands-on with the beta quite yet, if this new noise cancellation technology is a dramatic improvement it would address one of the biggest shortcomings of the DualSense and DualSense Edge. 

If you’ve ever attempted to talk to a friend using the DualSense mic, the experience is pretty miserable. The crackly, unclear sound means that you’re far better off with one of the best PS5 headsets instead and any measures to address this are long overdue. 

The update also means that controller speaker can produce sounds at higher volumes, which should make it easier to hear the person you are talking to if you're relying on just using the controller for voice chat.

Elsewhere, the beta introduces the ability to adjust the brightness of the PS5’s power indicator (the strip of LED lights that illuminate the middle portion of the console). With the option to select a new ‘dim’ or ‘medium’ preset, this could be a welcome change for those who want their console to look a little less obtrusive in their setup.

PS5 System Beta Game Share

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Finally, there are some new options for those making use of Screen Share on their console. Viewers now have pointers that allow them to draw shapes or highlight objects during the stream. There are also new reactions, letting you send adorable Astro Bot emojis to the host’s screen.

While their presence in the beta is not a guarantee, it does suggest that these features will be rolled out to everyone in a future update. If you want to test them out for yourself in the meantime, you can register for the PS5 system software beta program via the PlayStation website.

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