Starfield's Steam account adds 'unknown app' prompting speculation that DLC is imminent

A astronaut in Starfield sitting in a cockpit
Det ser ut som att Starfield kommer att ha ett imponerande utbud av olika miljöer. (Image credit: Bethesda Game Studios)

According to SteamDB, an unofficial website that tracks Steam, Valve's online storefront, sci-fi role-playing game (RPG) Starfield may be getting new DLC in the near future. 

As reported by Eurogamer, SteamDB shows that Starfield's Steam listing has been updated with an "unknown app." To be clear, there's been no word from the developers at Bethesda Game Studios as to what this means for the sci-fi RPG. However, when "unknown apps" were added to Fallout 4, another RPG by Bethesda, this heralded the release of the Nuka-World and Vault-Tec Workshop DLC, suggesting that Starfield could be in for similar developments. 

It's possible that this "unknown app" could be Starfield's upcoming DLC Shattered Space. The last official word we got on the expansion came at the end of 2023 when Bethesda declared that it was "hard at work" on the game's "first major expansion." Set to release sometime this year, Shattered Space promises "new story content, new locations, new gear and much more." 

However, it is also possible that this "unknown app" could be completely unrelated to Shattered Space - at this stage, we simply don't have confirmation either way.

In the meantime, Starfield fans can look forward to a new update for the RPG's Steam Beta program on March 6. According to a post on Twitter / X, the update will include "quality of life improvements and bug fixes" including fixed quests and improvements to photo mode.

Here at TechRadar Gaming, we found Starfield to be something of a mixed bag. Our editor-in-chief Jake Tucker praised the game's "deep skill system" and "excellent starship combat." However, he was also critical of Starfield's "middling ground combat", "patchy writing" and "soulless" feel. 

Though the RPG certainly has its issues, I found its ship-building system to be particularly fun, while also enjoying some of its more sci-fi heavy quests

For those in the market for more Starfield action, it looks as though DLC news could be imminent. Watch this space.

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