Stardew Valley update 1.6 will add a new farm type, a major festival, plus "secrets & more"

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Stardew Valley is set to receive its 1.6 update soon, and developer ConcernedApe has taken to Twitter to share a sneak peek of what we can expect. Rather than just an update that addresses bug fixes, what's promised is a lot of new, additional content is being added to the game. 

Although ConcernedApe didn’t share any details on exactly what to expect from the new additions, we do know that a new major festival, two mini-festivals, and an entirely new farm type will become available. In addition to this, new crafting items and recipes will be added, alongside new reward types for completing billboard requests. 

Multiplayer support on PC is also increasing to up to 8 players as opposed to the standard 4, which is pretty huge news for anyone with a slightly larger gaggle of farmers. Whether or not this will eventually roll out to consoles is currently unknown. 

Even the villagers will be affected by this huge update. Over 100 new dialogue lines are being added across Pelican Town’s citizens, and they will finally receive winter outfits for the colder seasons which is something players have been asking about for years. 

This isn’t all, either. The full update notes for 1.6 are yet to be shared and ConcernedApe has stressed that the content featured within this Tweet is just a peek, and is still a work in progress. So while we don’t expect this content to change now it’s been announced, we do expect some larger additions to be announced later down the line - and we're particularly intrigued by a rather vague mention of “more secrets” that are in the works too.

Currently, there is no release date for 1.6, so there’s no saying exactly when you’ll be able to jump back into Pelican Town and experience everything this bountiful update has to offer. But, to keep on top of any future sneak peeks into this huge update, it’s worth keeping tabs on ConcernedApe’s Twitter page in case anything else is shared in the near future.  

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