Rock Band 4 will receive its final DLC next week after over 8 years of weekly releases

Rock Band 4
(Image credit: Harmonix)

Harmonix, the team behind Rock Band 4, has announced that the game is set to release its final DLC next week on January 25. After over 8 years of weekly releases, Harmonix shared in a blog post that this will be the final DLC release for the Rock Band 4 era as the studio shifts its attention toward other rhythm action games - like Fortnite Festival

As stated in the post by Daniel Sussman, Epic Games' senior project manager, "The Harmonix team has been hard at work over the last two years to develop Fortnite Festival, which brings rhythm action gaming (and more) to the Fortnite ecosystem. 

"It’s free to play, we have a rotating selection of songs that you can play (for free) anytime. If you are a fan of the rhythm game category, Fortnite Festival is the place to be; and with support for RB4 instruments coming, this is not the time to hang up your guitars just yet...."

Despite this being the final DLC for Rock Band 4, no changes are being made to the live services of the game. It has been stated that you will be able to play the songs you own for "as long as you like." The end of this era simply marks that no new songs will be added to the game. 

As for the new songs being added as part of the final DLC, no details have been shared, but Sussman was quick to suggest that a playlist of "tear-jerkers" would be featured, to sum up how Harmonix feels about this end of an era.  But, even though Rock Band 4 may be coming to a close, Fortnite Festival seems to offer as close an experience, so all is not lost. 

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