Don't expect Spider-Man 2 rewards for having the platinum trophy for previous games

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Miles Morales and Peter Parker
(Image credit: Insomniac Games)

Insomniac Games has confirmed that Marvel's Spider-Man 2 won't feature in-game rewards for players who have the platinum trophy for previous games.

With the highly-anticipated sequel only weeks away, some players are seemingly in the process of finishing the first two games to completion - platinum trophy and all - in the hopes that they'll be rewarded with in-game items when Spider-Man 2 launches. 

However, if you're expecting something for your hours of game time and dedication, you'll be disappointed. 

Community director James Stevenson was recently asked by a Twitter user (via GamesRadar) if there will be in-game rewards in Spider-Man 2 for players who have the Platinum trophy and completed save files for Marvel's Spider-Man and Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales

To this Stevenson simply said, "There are not."

It seems that the idea for free in-game rewards didn't come out of nowhere though. After the launch of Miles Morales, some players who imported their save file from Spider-Man received an in-game message saying, "Thank you for playing Marvel's Spider-Man, you've unlocked a new suit and stickers."

It looks like Insomniac had plans to award these players at one point, but the idea never came to the final game. The developer responded to reports of the message saying that this was a visual bug and that players hadn't in fact unlocked anything. 

Previous Insomniac games, such as the Ratchet & Clank sequels on PlayStation 2, did offer free weapons and shop discounts to players who played previous games, but it looks like this won't be the case with Spider-Man 2.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is set to launch on October 20 exclusively for PS5 and will feature interchangeable playable characters, Peter Parker and Miles Morales. The usual New York setting has been expanded with the addition of Queens and Brooklyn, and players can expect to come face to face with even more iconic villains, including Venom and Kraven the Hunter. 

The game will also feature raytracing for all visual modes by default, including 30, 40, and 60 FPS, so players won't need to switch between performance and quality mode while they play.

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