People will be discovering Immortals of Aveum for 'years and years' says studio founder

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Immortals of Aveum's director hopes that players will discover the game for "years and years," according to a new interview. 

Founder of Ascendant Studios and Immortals of Aveum director Bret Robbins talked about his experiences navigating the mixed launch of the fantasy first-person shooter (FPS). 

Speaking in an interview with, Robbins stated that, when it comes to Immortals, the "story isn't written yet.

"I was creative director on Dead Space, and people were discovering that for years and years. I think Immortals will be the same."   

Robbins also took the time to address the FPS' difficult launch. "You learn more from failures and mistakes than successes. People should hear all sorts of stories, not just about the huge breakaway hits but also when things don't go so well. And that doesn't mean they're not good, and it doesn't mean that story shouldn't be told." 

The game director then moved on, getting into the nitty gritty. "When we were heading to launch, we knew it was very crowded. This was a very unusual year. [The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom] had come out, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor was a little before us. And as we were nearing launch, Baldur's Gate 3 suddenly blew up right in front of us.

"We were sandwiched between a lot of different big games, or games from really big studios. We absolutely got lost in the noise." 

I interviewed Robbins last year before the game's launch. Back then, he spoke about how excited he was to take advantage of the "blank page" afforded by the brand-new intellectual property (IP) that Immortals offered. 

When it came to release, though our editor-in-chief Jake Tucker was impressed by the "fantastic world design" on display, he found that the title didn't "live up to its ambitions" due to simplistic combat and a drab talent system. 

However, Immortals still has plenty to offer. Its distinctive military-fantasy setting and bright visuals could help the FPS become a cult classic down the line, should players choose to revisit the game.

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