The story-driven title set in the Star Citizen universe, Squadron 42, is now feature-complete

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The developers of the highly-anticipated single-player sci-fi game, Squadron 42, just announced that this upcoming title is now feature-complete. 

While this may not mean much to some, it's big news to those who have followed Squadron 42's journey for a while now. The title was first announced during a Kickstarter campaign in 2012 and was then given an initial release date of 2016. However, since it was delayed in 2016, we haven't heard much else in the way of a new release date, but thanks to this new feature-complete announcement, that may change.

To celebrate the news of Squadron 42 finally becoming feature-complete and one step closer to a release date, the developers gathered its core development leadership from across the globe to discuss what this milestone means. This YouTube video, titled I Held The Line, starts with an exciting preview of the 42nd Squadron patrolling in the Vega system. 

From here on out, we get detailed explanations about some of the sci-fi game's central features and mechanics by some of its leading devs, such as narrative designer Dave Haddock and cinematics director Hannes Appell. There are also some previews of in-game action like firefights and flying a spaceship.

If you're a fan of Star Citizen, then you may want to keep an eye on Squadron 42 as both games take place in the same continuity. In fact, the story of Squadron 42 picks up during the events of Vega II in 2945. From here on out, it will detail the story of a player joining and flying with the UEE Navy's celebrated 42nd Squadron. At some point, the player will even serve on the UEES Stanton, assigned to the 5th fleet and 87th Battlegroup in the Odin system.

All in all, it looks like Squadron 42 is coming along nicely; we just hope that a release date announcement isn't too far off.

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