Starfield mod that removes pronoun options has been banned by NexusMods

A lone wanderer in Starfield
(Image credit: Bethesda)

One of the biggest PC mod repositories in the world, NexusMods, has banned a mod that lets Starfield players remove all mentions of pronouns.

The mod was presumably crafted after a tiny number of perpetually angry snowflakes kicked off because Bethesda had adopted the inclusive practice of enabling players to select their pronouns for their sci-fi adventure. 

Nexus says the decision to ban the mod isn't a "political statement" and while it does not like to "police what people can and cannot mod into (or out of) their games", it was "within [its] rights not to host content" it didn't want to host. And it really didn't want to host it. 

"Hosting this mod was not for us and it is certainly within our rights not to host content on our platform," NexusMods told 404 Media

"It's not a ‘political statement’ or an ‘alignment to one side or the other in the culture war.’ We stand for diversity and inclusion in our community and the removal of diversity, while appealing to many, does not promote a positive modding community.”

As you've probably already guessed, the decision has been met by cheers from some and jeers from others, although the "hatred, vitriol, and threats of violence" the team has received since removing the mod has been nothing but "reinforcement that this has been the best course of action".

"Frankly, we are not sad to see them go," NexusMods said.

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If you're still unsure, don't forget that you can try Starfield for free if you're an Xbox Game Pass subscriber. 

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