New Escape from Tarkov patch promises to fix 'known causes of memory leaks'

Escape From Tarkov
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If you’ve been struggling with Escape from Tarkov-related memory leak issues, developer Battlestate Games has some promising news for you. Tarkov’s latest patch,, is being rolled out today (September 7), and amongst a plethora of other fixes, it promises that it will amend  “known causes of memory leaks”. 

In case you were unfamiliar, in simple terms, a memory leak is what happens when software doesn’t manage your PC’s RAM correctly, even if you have enough of it. This leads to poor performance. Needless to say, a memory leak is nothing but bad news, particularly if you’re playing a game like Escape from Tarkov where you want your PC to be running as smoothly as possible. So, if the new patch’s fix is successful, then this update could have positive ramifications for the entire Escape from Tarkov player base.

Excitingly, the patch notes also reveal the addition of “new quests and expanded existing quest lines”, although it’s not been outlined exactly what these are. 

Beyond that, an enormous amount of other problems have been quashed, with fixes for the environment and sound on the Streets of Tarkov map, overlapping pictures appearing while loading into raids, and medication wearing off before its timer, amongst many other things. If you want to check out the full list, you can find the complete patch notes here. 

Over on Twitter, it was confirmed that installation of the patch began at 3am ET, with downtime expected to last for around four hours (although potentially longer if required). At the time of writing, the game is still updating, but if that four-hour estimate is correct, then players probably don’t have much longer to wait before they can dive in again. 

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