I killed everyone in You Will Die Here Tonight because I'm too agreeable

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The new upcoming psychological horror game You Will Die Here Tonight isn't scary as I'd like it to be, but it does make me question all my choices. 

In this upcoming horror title, you'll have to navigate a mysterious and deadly mansion playing as various members of the elite 'Aries Division' task force. Taking control of each of the six members individually, quick choices are key to ensuring the murderous secrets of the mansion are uncovered. 

While You Will Die Here Tonight can't compete with these horror games in terms of scares, its various endings mean that every single choice you make, no matter how trivial, will impact future events for all your characters. The mansion has various puzzles, traps, and zombies lurking within, ready to catch you off-guard, bite your ear off, or inject you with blood-curdling poison. 

While you can't save all the task force members, you can make it easier for the next character you take control of by making the right decisions and discovering enough evidence before you kick the bucket. The demo is available to download and play on Steam right now, and while it still leaves some rocks left unturned, the short playthrough was engaging if not even enlightening as I now realize saying yes to strange demonic beings may not be the safest way to go about things.

Too trusting

Shooting a zombie in a dark basement

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Thrown into a dark and ominous hallway without a shred of information, my survival instincts kicked into gear as I ran around desperately trying to open every door in an effort to get the first character Ashley out of this horrifying house. With no options available to aid in my mistake, and all doors seemingly nailed shut, I turned to the one thing I could interact with in the hallway.

Ashley approached an old birdcage and a prompt popped up asking if I'd like to open it up to see the envelope inside. The old adage "you miss 100% of the shots you don't take" echoed in my mind. Yes, grab the envelope. What's the worst that can happen?

Assured of my decision, Ashley opened the birdcage to collect the letter inside, only to be met with spikes that injected her with a deadly and mysterious poison. It wasn't mysterious for long. Blood flooded out of her eyes and ears as I looked on in disbelief, the one-healthy spec ops commando dying helplessly in front of me

I should probably stop saying yes to demons and blindly opening mysterious cages

After this, I was tasked with keeping the veteran task-force member Javier alive as he navigated new areas of the mansion while investigating paranormal activities. While there weren't as many locked doors this time, There was a small demon child , who I chased around the endless hallways of the mansion, getting Javier lost in the process.

Getting lost was the least of Javier's worries. The demon had asked me for a bumblebee broach and I obliged - it's nice to be nice - but instead of a thank you, I got a hole in Javier's head and another terrible outcome for the world's worst special forces squad.

Did I manage to discover the inhuman activities taking place in the mysterious mansion? No. Did anyone get out alive? Also no. But I had learnt a valuable lesson: it was probably time to stop saying yes to demons and blindly opening mysterious envelope-filled birdcages.

standing in a bloody hallway

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You Will Die Here Tonight is charmingly entertaining, even if I did end up killing each one of the special ops agents. While there were a couple of well-timed jump scares in my play-through of the demo, it wasn't too horrifying on the whole. However, having each choice impact your next character in a murderous domino effect is great fun to witness, experience, and be an active part of. 

If you're looking for a new psychological horror game inspired by action-horror classics, then this is definitely worth checking out. Just remember saying yes to everything may not open the safest doors. 

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