Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition finally gets a PC release date

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Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition is officially coming to PC on March 21.

The news of the release date, along with a host of PC features, was released in a PlayStation blog post. "Horizon Forbidden West is the beloved follow-up to Guerrilla’s critically acclaimed Horizon Zero Dawn, and this Complete Edition for PC also includes the Burning Shores expansion, which continues Aloy’s journey and takes players to a treacherous volcanic archipelago after completing the main quest," the online community specialist for Nixxes Software, Julian Huijbregts wrote in the blog post

The PC version will include various specific features such as unlocked frame rates, customizable graphics, and a broad range of performance-enhancing technologies such as Nvidia DLSS 3 upscaling and frame generation. There is also the opportunity for players with ultra-wide monitors to get the most out of the fantastic landscapes in the Forbidden West, as 21:9 ultra-wide, 32:9 super ultra-wide, and even 48:9 resolutions will be supported. Given how spectacular this looked as a PS5 game, PC players are in for a real treat.

Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition also has "extensive controller support." This includes using "Steam Input support for remapping and customization of your peripheral of choice to your preferences," Huijbregts explains. While mouse and keyboard will be fully customizable so folks can align controls with their preference, PC players can also "Use a PlayStation DualSense controller for the most immersive experience, with adaptive triggers that let you feel the tension in the string of your bow and haptic feedback that makes you feel the impact when you’re engaging in melee combat."

You can pre-purchase Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition right now on Steam or the Epic Games Store to unlock some bonus content, consisting of:

  • Blacktide Outfit and Blacktide Bow (only available with pre-purchase)
  • Nora Legacy Outfit and Nora Spear (only available when linking your Steam account to the PlayStation Network)
  • Two Special Outfits - Carja Behemoth Elite and Nora Thunder Elite
  • Two Special Weapons - Carja Behemoth Short Bow and Nora Thunder Sling
  • In-game Resources Pack consisting of ammunition, potions, and travel packs
  • In-game Apex Clawstrider Machine Strike Piece
  • Exclusive Photo Mode pose and face paint

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