Horizon Forbidden West and 13 more games are receiving Nvidia RTX upgrades this year

Horizon Forbidden West screenshot showing Aloy
(Image credit: Guerrilla Games)

Horizon Forbidden West and Dragon's Dogma 2 are among 14 games on PC to receive Nvidia DLSS (deep learning super sampling) support this year.

Announced during CES 2024, Nvidia revealed the lineup of games that will be receiving GeForce RTX upgrades alongside a trailer for Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition showcasing the technology.

If you're unfamiliar with Nvidia DLSS, it's an AI rendering technology that aids in increasing graphical performance in PC games specifically supporting GeForce RTX GPUs. Owners of a RTX 40 series graphics card or laptop can multiply their frame rate by using Nvidia DLSS 3, while owners of a previous generation - like RTX 20 or 30 Series - can use DLSS Super Resolution and DLSS Ray Reconstruction in supported DLSS games.

In the case of the Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition, the game will launch later this year and will feature NVIDIA DLSS 3, Reflex, and DLAA (deep learning anti-aliasing) on day one. 

GeForce RTX users will be able to improve their game's performance by activating DLSS 3 or boosting their frame rate with DLAA to aid image quality, as well as reduce system latency with Reflex.

Also receiving RTX upgrades this year is Dragon’s Dogma 2 - the highly anticipated fantasy role-playing game from Capcom - along with Gray Zone WarfareHalf-Life 2 RTX, Layers of FearLike a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His NameLike a Dragon: Infinite WealthNakwon: Last ParadisePax DeiStarminer, and Throne and Liberty.

These titles will launch with or upgrade to DLSS 3 on GeForce RTX 40 Series graphics cards, however, Dragon’s Dogma 2Gray Zone WarfareHalf-Life 2 RTX, and Starminer will also release with ray tracing, which according to Nvidia, will run best on GeForce RTX GPUs "thanks to their dedicated hardware RT Cores."

Diablo 4, which launched last year on PC and console, will also be getting a ray tracing upgrade in March, while Enshrouded and Tekken 8 will receive day-one support for DLSS 2 when they launch on PC later this month.

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