Escape from Tarkov’s controversial new patch is being rolled back after ‘critical issues and bugs were discovered’

Escape From Tarkov
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Battlestate Games has confirmed that it’s rolling back Escape from Tarkov’s latest patch after “critical issues and bugs were discovered.” 

In case you missed it, Escape from Tarkov patch was released yesterday (February 12). Although it promised a lengthy list of changes and adjustments, it was heavily criticized by players for its alterations to weapon recoil (specifically for pistols, shotguns, and the SKS carbine), as well as the announcement that certain in-game purchases are on the way. On top of that, since the update, players have reported significant performance issues, as well as the fact that Scav players are suddenly facing infinite timers on most maps, stopping them from being able to play. 

Needless to say, this hasn’t gone unnoticed by developer Battlestate Games. Over on the official Escape from Tarkov Twitter / X account, the developer confirmed that the patch will be rolled back at 9am ET / 6am PT / 2pm GMT / 11pm AEDT, in a process that’s expected to take around two hours (although it could be longer). The game will be inaccessible during this period, and although the contents of the update itself will be reverted, players have been reassured that their progress won’t be rolled back. 

“After the patch installation, critical issues and bugs were discovered, leading us to this decision,” Battlestate Games explained. “The content of patch will be released in future updates after adjustments with consideration of community feedback.”

Rolling back an update like this is a very rare occurrence for Escape from Tarkov, but based on the reactions from players yesterday when the changes were implemented, it seems it’s likely for the best. Right now, it’s not clear what alterations will be made to the content going forward.

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