Palworld developer apologizes for ‘unintentionally’ fixing fan favorite bug in latest patch

A syndicate boss stands beside his electric-type Pal, arms outstretched and laughing maniacally
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Pocketpair, the developer of the hugely popular Pokémon-inspired survival game Palworld, has apologized for “unintentionally” fixing a fan-favorite bug in the game’s latest update.

In a recent post to the official Palworld Twitter / X account, Pocketpair explained that the accidental change affected the player’s ability “to capture the tower boss.” If you’re not familiar with how everything works in Palworld, the game features a handful of powerful bosses located in towers scattered around the map. Although it’s very unlikely, you can actually capture these bosses in Pal Spheres when they’re close to defeat.

You can then use a captured boss like any regular Pal, bringing them into fights or putting them to work on your farm, which is definitely a little bizarre when you consider that the bosses are actually human. It’s clearly not an intentional mechanic, but that hasn’t stopped players from feeling disappointed now that it has seemingly been patched out.

Thankfully, it appears that Pocketpair is likely to revert the change, describing the bug as “unintentionally fixed.” The post even goes on to issue an apology to all players, saying, “We apologize for inadvertently fixing a bug.”

Aside from this change, the rest of the latest patch seems like quite a promising addition. It includes some key fixes to major issues affecting save data, plus improvements to anti-cheat measures. This comes in addition to the introduction of custom keyboard control configuration, not to mention the option to finally disable long-press interactions in favor of a single input.

The patch notes, which were also posted to Twitter / X, include some significant balance tweaks, too. These range from reducing the selling price of nails to increasing the number of police officers who appear whenever you commit a crime. You can see the full list of changes for yourself below:

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Palworld has been a huge hit since it was released on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and PC earlier this year. Gaining huge success completely out of the blue, Pocketpair has already demonstrated an impressive commitment to improving the game in the long term, including the release of an early access roadmap.

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