Nintendo confirms Super Mario Bros. Wonder will not include Charles Martinet

Mario jumping over a pipe
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Nintendo officially confirms that the iconic and longstanding voice of Mario, Charles Martinet, will not be involved in the production of the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Wonder

After news came that Charles Martinet is retiring as the voice of Mario, Nintendo has now released even more information on his upcoming schedule and appearances. The voice actor first began working for Nintendo in 1991 as Mario in the CD-ROM version of Mario Teaches Typing

It turns out that Martinet has already hung up his voice-acting hat, as Nintendo has confirmed that he will not appear in Super Mario Bros. Wonder or any further titles. Instead, Martinet will act as a Mario ambassador and will appear with Shigeru Miyamoto in a future video for a proper sendoff. 

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is set to release on October 20, 2023, and will be playable on the Nintendo Switch. This upcoming 2D title was first announced in the Nintendo Direct back in June. 

In this side-scrolling game, you'll be able to play as the iconic crew and sprint across the familiar clouds, pipes, and boiling-hot lava. However, there's a ton of new features that'll excite players, both new and old. 

There's a 'wonder flower' which will take creativity to a whole new level. Almost anything is possible with this new item; the ground could start moving, flowers could start talking, or Mario could even turn into an elephant. 

Not much else is known about Super Mario Bros. Wonder right now. However, players may be able to enjoy multiplayer co-op as there will be a variety of Mario characters available to play. Hopefully, as we get closer and closer to the release date, we'll be able to find out even more about the upcoming Mario title.

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