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What did we think of the MW3 Campaign?

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The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (2023) campaign kicks off with a bang, but its over-reliance on the new Open Combat Missions holds it back somewhat. You can read our full impressions here, including what we made of the story.

The latest Call of Duty campaign is out now and, if you're diving into the single-player component of this blockbuster first-person shooter (FPS), there's a high chance that you're going to want a full list of the Modern Warfare 3 campaign missions and all of their associated rewards.

In Modern Warfare 3, the rewards gained from the completion of missions during the campaign are for use in the online multiplayer mode, making them well worth getting even if you’re not particularly interested in seeing this new entry’s story content.

If this is the case, you’re in luck as the Modern Warfare 3 campaign is actually quite short. Our playthrough saw us roll credits in just over five hours on the standard difficulty setting, but this number included plenty of messing around in the new Open Combat Missions and a handful of very unlucky deaths in later segments. 

No matter how you intend to play, however, knowing the names, rewards and order of each of the campaign’s 14 missions could be useful so here's our comprehensive breakdown of everything that you need to know.

Modern Warfare 3 mission list

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The full Modern Warfare 3 mission list is as follows (presented in the order that they appear in the game):

  1. Operation 627
  2. Precious Cargo (Open Combat Mission)
  3. Reactor (Open Combat Mission)
  4. Payload
  5. Deep Cover
  6. Passenger
  7. Crash Site (Open Combat Mission)
  8. Flashpoint
  9. Oligarch (Open Combat Mission)
  10. Highrise (Open Combat Mission)
  11. Frozen Tundra
  12. Gora Dam (Open Combat Mission)
  13. Danger Close
  14. Trojan Horse

Modern Warfare 3 mission rewards

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Here is the full list of rewards that you can gain by completing each mission:

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Operation 627Breather Calling Card
Precious CargoXP Token (30 minutes), Weapon XP Token (30 minutes)
ReactorCorso Operator
PayloadGhillie Guy Calling Card
Deep CoverXP Token (30 minutes), Weapon XP Token (30 minutes)
Crash SitePathfinder Operator
FlashpointToxic Drip Calling Card
OligarchXP Token (1 hour), Weapon XP Token (1 hour)
HighriseDoc Operator
Frozen TundraSkull Rhapsody Calling Card
Gora DamXP Token (1 hour), Weapon XP Token (1 hour)
Danger CloseJabber Operator
Trojan HorseBrogue Weapon Blueprint, Soapy Emblem

For more about Modern Warfare 3, read our interview on why open combat missions change the rules of engagement or see what the developers learned from indie development.

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