Logitech G announces Astro A50 X, a gaming headset that can switch between consoles at the touch of a button

Astro A50 X gaming headset
(Image credit: Logitech G)

Logitech G has announced the latest product in its premium gaming headset range; the Astro A50 X. This long-awaited follow-up to the Astro A50 headset boasts new features like PlaySync technology, which will allow players to switch between PS5 and Xbox Series X|S sources, seamlessly, via one of the headset's on-board buttons.

Logitech G hasn't announced a release date for the Astro A50 X yet, but the product's press release states that it'll begin shipping "in the first half of 2024." It can, however, be pre-ordered from the Logitech G website for $379 / £359.

Much like its predecessor, the Astro A50 X comes with a base station for fast charging. This also has a pair of HDMI 2.1 ports on the back, which is where the PlaySync features come in. In short, PlaySync allows you to source your PS5 and Xbox Series X|S inputs through the base station. By doing this, tapping the PlaySync button on the headset which switches between the video and audio outputs for both.

The headset also features the brand's new Pro-G graphene 40mm audio drivers for what'll likely allow for a high level of sound clarity and quality. In addition to the wireless audio provided by the base station, the Astro A50 X will have support for simultaneous Bluetooth audio, handy if you want to listen to external music or chat via Discord while gaming.

It sounds like a very high-quality package, and rightly so given its premium price tag. Yet while the new PlaySync feature sounds great on paper, some rather clear caveats could prevent you from enjoying it fully. 

You'll need both a PlayStation and an Xbox console for the feature to even work, which largely limits the A50 X's market to the enthusiast crowd. 

Additionally, Logitech G has stated that both consoles will need to be powered on (not even on standby) for PlaySync to function. This is because the headset itself isn't able to switch the consoles on due to complications with HDMI CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) which limits control of an HDMI-capable device to its supported remotes or controllers. Sadly, this does mean that the use of the PlaySync feature may incur an uptick in your electricity bill.

Still, the Astro A50 X seems like it'll be a decent upgrade over its predecessor with improved graphene drivers and better battery life (24 hours at full charge). We'll endeavor to have more coverage of the headset when it officially launches next year.

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