I can't believe it's taken Gran Turismo 7 this long to add the Suzuki Jimny, but here it is

Gran Turismo 7 Suzuki Jimny
(Image credit: Sony / Polyphony Digital)

The latest update for Gran Turismo 7 has arrived, and, while not hugely substantial, it does bring the usual round of new cars, events, and Café menus to play through.

Update 1.42 has been detailed over on the official PlayStation blog, where it's shown that three new cars have been added to the game. The first two are all-new Vision Gran Turismo (VGT) concepts: the BVLGARI Aluminum and the Genesis X Gran Berlinetta. Both of these are quite lovely, but expect to pay a significant amount of Credits for them as is usually the case with VGT cars.

The standout addition here, at least for me, has to be the Suzuki Jimny XC '18, a glorious off-roader that'll feel right at home on tracks with unconventional terrain like Colorado Springs and the recently added Lake Louise.

All these cars will be purchasable with in-game Credits at the Brand Central menu. Unfortunately, the BVLGARI Aluminum VGT car won't be widely available until late February. However, those who have purchased the BVLGARI Aluminum Gran Turismo Limited Model chronograph watch (which was revealed during last year's Gran Turismo World Finals) will receive early access to the car via a QR code.

A couple of new World Circuit events have been added to accommodate the release of these cars. The Jimny Cup will have players take their 4x4 across Windmills, Willow Springs, and Lake Louise. Meanwhile, the Vision Gran Turismo Trophy will put the souped-up concepts through their paces at the Tokyo Expressway and the Italian 'temple of speed:' Monza.

Lastly, a couple of Extra Menus have been added to the Café, which will task players will collecting cars in the 'Nissan Motorsports' and 'Dodge' categories. Rounding out the update are a handful of new Scapes scenes in which you can snap photographs of your favorite cars.

All in all, a fairly tidy update that certainly won't rock the boat; but one that may rock your skull if you jump into the Suzuki Jimny with a PSVR 2 headset strapped on.

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