Grab a PS5 Slim and one of its best exclusive games for over $110 off with this Memorial Day deal

Lowest-ever prices on the PS5 Slim Spider-Man 2 bundle.
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This PlayStation 5 bundle has been a favorite in past sales events and for good reason: it features a PS5 Slim console and a copy of one of its best games for well below the price of the console on its own.

I’m talking about the PS5 Slim Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 bundle, which is available for just $449 (was $559.99) at Walmart. That’s a $110.99 saving compared to its full retail price and puts the bundle $50 below the $499.99 price of just the regular PS5 Slim console.

This discount is matching the lowest-ever price that we’ve ever seen on the bundle too, so if you’ve been waiting for the chance to pick up the latest model of the PS5, it’s likely not going to get much better than this.

Today's best PS5 Slim deal

PlayStation 5 Slim Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Bundle: $559.99$449 at Walmart

PlayStation 5 Slim Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Bundle: was $559.99 now $449 at Walmart
The best PS5 Slim bundle is back. This discount lets you pick up a shiny new PS5 Slim console alongside a digital copy of Marvel's Spider-Man 2 for $50 below the cost of the console on its own. If you've been waiting for a chance to pick up a PS5 at a good discount, now is your chance.

The PS5 Slim is the most recent hardware revision for the PS5 console, boasting all the same performance as the original but in a much smaller shell. It also offers an upgraded 1TB storage capacity, a tidy improvement on the launch PS5's 825GB of operational storage, so you can have a few more games installed at the same time. This deal also includes the console's new removable disk drive attachment, which lets you play all of your favorite physical PS5 games.

If you're outside of the US or want to compare this discount to other prices, you can check out some of the best PS5 Slim deals in your region below.

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