The excellent entry-level Thrustmaster T128 racing wheel is at its lowest-ever price right now

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The early Prime Day deals are in full swing, with a fantastic deal on the Thrustmaster T128 racing wheel currently on offer at Amazon US and UK. This is already Thrustmaster's entry-level racing wheel for the latest generation of gaming so getting it for even less is an absolute bargain - and that's before Prime Day yet.

This beginner-friendly racing wheel is a fantastic starting rig for young sim racers or players just getting into the hobby, and if you're in the market, then this is the best time to get one. Currently, the Thrustmaster T128 is on sale for just $159 at Amazon (was $199.99). As this is the lowest price we've ever seen for the racing wheel, it stands as one of the best early Prime Day gaming deals so far. What's more, the Thrustmaster T128 is also on sale in the UK at just £129.99 at Amazon (was £149.99) which is also a record-low price for the set. Both sets have seen recent price drops in steps, but this is the most significant to date as nothing beats a lowest-ever price!

And just to be clear, both of these deals are available on both models - the PlayStation and PC version, and the Xbox and PC version. You can find more information on the deals below, but also make sure you keep up to date with all the best Amazon Prime Day 2023 deals, and you can also find even more racing wheel prices in your region at the bottom of the page.

Best early Prime Day gaming racing wheel deals today

Thrustmaster T128 racing wheel | PS5, PS4, PC | was $199.99now $159 at Amazon
Save $41 -

Thrustmaster T128 racing wheel | PS5, PS4, PC | <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"" target="_blank">was $199.99 now $159 at Amazon
Save $41 -
This racing wheel is a perfect tool for beginners. However, you do have to compromise in some aspects, such as slippy pedals and loud shifters, so it's not without its flaws. But at the lowest price we've seen this, it's definitely worth a look in. 

Xbox & PC version | <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"" target="_blank">$159 at Amazon (was $179.99)

Thrustmaster T128 racing wheel | PS5, PS4, PC | was £179.99now £129.99 at Amazon
Save £50

Thrustmaster T128 racing wheel | PS5, PS4, PC | <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon UK"" target="_blank">was £179.99 now £129.99 at Amazon<a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon UK"" data-link-merchant="Amazon UK"" target="_blank">
Save £50 - And in the UK, this beginner's racing wheel has wonderful hybrid drive and accurate force feedback, so seeing it at a discount is a wonderful surprise.

Xbox & PC version | <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon UK"" data-link-merchant="Amazon UK"" data-link-merchant="Amazon UK"" target="_blank">£129.99 at Amazon (was $179.99)

The Thrustmaster T128 is aimed at younger enthusiasts with an easy onboard interface, improved pedal set, and accurate force feedback; it's a brilliant option for those looking to get into the hobby. 

Our sister site GamesRadar+ gave the set three and a half stars in its Thrustmaster T128 review, and praised the fact that it was very beginner friendly, had decent force feedback - and was great value for money at its retail price. At this discounted price, then, it's an absolute steal. But, there were a couple of caveats, with the gripless wheel, and slippy pedals being something to factor in before you commit.

More of today's best early Prime Day racing wheel deals

The Thrustmaster T128 is a brilliant racing wheel for beginners that is simple and affordable for anyone trying to get into racing sims. If you're looking for something more specific, better priced, or high-tech, check out our best racing wheels and the list below. Our price comparison technology automatically pulls in the best deals in your region, so you need not look any further.

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