Microsoft continues to embrace the memes with the new Xbox Series S toaster

The Xbox Series S Toaster on a kitchen countertop with a slice of toast.
(Image credit: Walmart)

The long awaited Xbox Series S toaster is finally here, with a listing for the new appliance inconspicuously appearing on the Walmart website.

Rumors of a Xbox themed toaster first began to surface back in March last year, when a Twitter user posted what they claimed were early images showcasing some of the specs and dimensions of the device.

After the success of the iconic Xbox Series X mini fridge, a tongue-in-cheek acknowledgement of the console’s fridge-like appearance, it definitely wasn’t too implausible that Microsoft would want to license a similar product poking fun at the more compact design of the Xbox Series S.

Although I still wasn’t entirely convinced that it was actually real myself, it appears that these claims were very much genuine as Walmart is now stocking an Xbox Series toaster that perfectly matches the description.

Not only does it look almost exactly like the console itself, but the Xbox Series S toaster features an extra wide slot which can fit up to two slices of bread. It actually imprints the Xbox logo on anything that you toast too, meaning that you can finally support team green with your morning snack.

It supports six different levels of toastiness, which should be enough range to get that perfect slice. You will also find standard toaster features like a removable crumb tray, defrost setting, and an LED countdown timer. 

Much like the Xbox Series X mini fridge, the dimensions of the Xbox Series S toaster don’t quite match up with those of the console itself. While the Xbox Series S has a height of 10.83 inches, a width of 5.94 inches, and a depth of 2.56 inches, its toaster counterpart has a slightly smaller 7.6 inch height but a much bigger width of 15 inches and depth of 4.6 inches.

Although the product has only just gone on sale, there are actually already some reviews for it on the site. While it’s very unlikely that any of these customers have actually received their product yet, it currently has a 5 star rating with one buyer describing it as a “meme come true.”

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