Fortnite will return to iOS this year in EU countries, Epic Games announces

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Epic Games has promised the return of Fortnite this year on iOS, over three years since it was pulled from the Apple App Store, but only in select regions.

“Remember Fortnite on iOS? How bout we bring that back,” the official Fortnite Twitter / X account wrote. “Later this year, Fortnite will return to Europe on iOS through the Epic Games Store. (Shoutout DMA - an important new law in the EU making this possible). Apple, the world is watching.”

There’s a lot to unpack here, but first, it’s worth noting here that despite saying “Europe,” the law in question, The Digital Markets Act, is an upcoming European Union law. Therefore, only the 27 EU countries can expect to see the battle royale return right now. In contrast, others, including the United Kingdom, which is no longer part of the EU, will seemingly have to continue playing on other platforms unless something else changes.

As for the DMA and what that means for iOS, Apple shared a blog post yesterday (January 25) outlining the changes. The main part in this case is the requirement to offer “new options for distributing iOS apps from alternative app marketplaces - including new APIs and tools that enable developers to offer their iOS apps for download from alternative app marketplaces.” In simple terms, this will allow Epic Games to distribute Fortnite via an iOS version of the Epic Games Store. 

Apple has expressed that it isn’t comfortable with the changes being brought about by the DMA, and noted: “Inevitably, the new options for developers’ EU apps create new risks to Apple users and their devices.” It added that it will be putting certain safeguards in place, such as authorization for marketplace developers and extra malware protections, to “reduce” the risks.

Right now, it’s not been confirmed when EU players can expect to see Fortnite return, but Apple says the new DMA-related “capabilities” will become available to users in the EU in March 2024. 

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