For Doom's 30th anniversary, one fan has complied everything that the first-person shooter can run on

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There have been tons of grand celebrations around Doom's 30th Birthday, but one fan has decided to scour the internet and find every single way you could play the classic first-person shooter

One Twitter user has gone to great lengths to compile everything that can run Doom. There's anything from ultrasound scanners and thermostats to a McDonald's Tetris McNugget and the Resident Evil 4 chainsaw controller. While the chainsaw controller may not be the best way to experience Doom or any game for that matter, it is certainly better than some of the other, stranger options. 

While it does rhyme, Doom on a broom isn't the best way to experience killing hordes of demons; there's also the option to play the FPS game on an Etch-A-Sketch and on a Sony Ericsson K800i. 

Initially, fans were able to play Doom on the Microsoft Disk Operating System (MS-DOS). However, while this old-fashioned way may not be accessible now, there is a way to best emulate the original Doom

Chocolate Doom is a Doom source port that accurately reproduces the original experience of the FPS, the same way it was played in the 1990s. While this source port is historically accurate, adding mods to is also an option if you want to spice up the original experience to your own tastes. 

The co-founders of id Software, the studio behind Doom, John Carmack, and John Romero, reunited in a Twitch stream to reminisce on the last 30 years. Romero explains how Doom represented a technical "sweet spot" before FPS games like Quake and full 3D acceleration complicated development and limited how many enemies could squeeze onto a screen. Carmack also remembered how he initially thought id Software could "just sell [Doom] in a brown paper bag" off its quality alone.

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