Doom: The Dark Ages announced with 2025 release window

A screenshot of Doom The Dark Ages
(Image credit: Xbox)

This year’s Xbox Games Showcase is in full swing and the first announcement of the night is sure to be a big hit among any first-person shooter (FPS) fans out there. The next entry in the Doom franchise has finally been officially revealed and will be titled Doom: The Dark Ages.

The brief announcement trailer showed off a dark medieval inspired fantasy world, with the protagonist fighting their way through legions of demons armed with a shiny new double-barrelled shotgun and a seriously slick bladed shield. The trailer also gave us an official release window, with the game set to arrive some time in 2025. You can see the full trailer for yourself below.

The game is billed as a prequel to the modern Doom series, which includes 2016's Doom and Doom Eternal. It will focus on the origins of the enigmatic Slayer and feature a never-before-seen medieval war against hell. Judging from everything shown in the trailer, it looks like a pretty radical departure from the more futuristic, sci-fi look other the other games. 

Like the two previous installments, Doom: The Dark Ages is being developed by id Software and is powered by the idTech game engine. 

A recent post from the official Doom X / Twitter account has also confirmed that the game will be available as part of an Xbox Game Pass subscription. It will be launching for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC and, rather surprisingly, PlayStation 5.

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