Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 is bringing back the traditional prestige system

Prestige levels in Black Ops 6.
(Image credit: Activision)

The Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 Direct has concluded and it gave fans of the first-person shooter (FPS) series heaps of new information about the upcoming entry. One of the biggest reveals of the broadcast was undoubtedly the fact that the traditional prestige system will make a return in Call of Duty: Black Ops 6.

This means that players who reach the maximum player level will be given the choice to start fresh without any of their unlocked gear and go through the entire journey again. The game will offer ten prestiges, each with their own rewards that will allow you to show off your status.

Players who reach the maximum of prestige ten will then be able to enter a new prestige master mode which will offer a thousand more levels to progress through and a mysterious "classified reward" to obtain along the way. Importantly, all prestige levels will be available from launch so you can start progressing through them right out of the gate.

Lawrence Metten, associate director of design at Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 developer Treyarch, described the change as the result of "a goal to make leveling and XP matter more than ever."  He went on to say that the studio has "pulled the best of the best from past Call of Duty prestige systems and are going bigger and more rewarding than ever."

A successor to Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 was originally revealed in a series of cryptic teasers. This included the arrival of a mysterious website that featured video snippets showing vandals defacing Mount Rushmore with graffiti. The game is set to launch on October 25, 2024 and will be available as part of Xbox Game Pass on day one.

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