Deltarune Chapter 3 isn't quite finished, but it's "playable from beginning to end"

Crossing a road in Deltarune
(Image credit: Toby Fox)

In a recent newsletter shared by Toby Fox, an update on Deltarune Chapter 3 has been shared and suggests that the development of the chapter is well underway, and while it’s not finished, there are some exciting updates regarding its current state. 

Within the newsletter, Fox states that he “Can’t say it’s finished yet, but the unfinished parts are feeling less and less numerous.” In addition to this, the chapter is now “playable from beginning to end” but parts need to be reshuffled to make it work. Although this doesn’t detail how close we are to seeing the third chapter become available, it’s a pretty heavy hint toward the end of development being in sight. 

Toby Fox also shares some of the content that has been cut from the chapter, including a stealth mode that would’ve challenged players to sneak around certain areas, but upon testing Fox realized that a “mechanic which basically makes you slower isn’t necessarily fun.” In addition to this, Fox shared the accompanying tune that would coincide with this section, which is also available to listen to online.

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