Teardown is getting two new DLCs after it arrives on PS5 and Xbox Series X

Destructive landscape
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The exciting physics-based heist game, Teardown, is soon coming to consoles as well as getting two fantastic pieces of DLC. 

Teardown will be playable on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S on November 15, for all to enjoy. The console release will include almost everything the base game has, such as the 40-mission heist campaign, endless possibilities in creative mode, and even some hand-picked mods. 

You can pre-order Teardown for Xbox Series X|S to get access to the brilliant DLC Art Vandals. PS5 owners can also wishlist the heist game right now, though the Standard Edition will be available for PlayStation Plus and Premium/Deluxe subscribers at release. 

During TRG's trip to Tuxedo Labs, we got to have a hands-on with this highly-anticipated and sought-after console launch as well as see what the two upcoming DLCs have in store. It's safe to say that both the DLC offerings look fantastic. Both are great updates to Teardown, giving some breadth and depth to activities that previously relied on brilliant fan-made mods

The first DLC, which will be debuting on PC and console on November 15, is Time Campers. This adventure stays true to the crux of what Teardown is as you travel back in time and complete various heist or demolition missions, all while using the fantastic in-game physics to your advantage. 

The second DLC, unfortunately, won't be available to play until spring 2024, but we can't wait to get ahold of it. Titled Folkrace, this DLC will finally allow players to push the in-game driving mechanics to the limit. There will also be a series of destructive racing game modes, including three new racetracks and a fleet of new vehicles to enjoy. While you can focus just on racing around various chaotic courses, there is also an option to enter the derby ring and fight against several other vehicles as you try to destroy their car before yours bites the dust.

Xbox Series X|S players have a chance to pre-order both these DLC drops in order to have access to them straightaway on release. The Deluxe Edition will give you the base game and the first two DLC offerings for $39.99/£32.99, while the Ultimate Edition will give you access to all four upcoming pieces of DLC for $49.99/ £41.74. 

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