Starfield fans hopeful for bug-free launch as current version details revealed thanks to preload

Starfield ship travelling faster than light
(Image credit: Bethesda)

Preloads for Starfield went live last week, and one particular nugget of information regarding the game’s current version has got fans hopeful that the space RPG could truly be, as promised, Bethesda’s least buggy game yet. 

As GamesRadar+ reports, it didn’t take long at all for prospective Starfield players on Reddit to notice that when the preloads went live, Starfield was already at version Although the details regarding the changes implemented in each of the game’s pre-launch versions aren’t publicly available, many are hoping that the version number could indicate that Bethesda has been hard at work ironing out glitches and making sure that the title is extra polished.

“Now THAT is certainly a promising little bit of news,” one Reddit user wrote. “Sounds like they really put Starfield through its paces and it will be relatively bug-free for release. I'm more confident than ever about its release right now.”

Others are equally optimistic: “Both Skyrim and Fallout 4 launched with 1.1.x versioning. I wonder if they had a release candidate six months or a year ago, and have just been hammering on it all this time?” another user questioned. “I’m sure that Microsoft was pushing them for a more polished release. It’s one of Xbox‘s biggest games[,] after all,” one speculated.

A bunch more interesting details about Starfield were recently revealed in a developer Q&A, including the fact that players will be able to buy dwellings in all of the game’s major cities and that they can get arrested for space crimes, such as smuggling contraband. 

Unfortunately, although mechs were featured in one of the Starfield animated shorts, it was confirmed that they won’t be usable in the game, as they’re all “in ruins” as a result of the Colony War. Even so, there’s still plenty to be excited about when Starfield launches next month.

Starfield is quite easily one of the most exciting upcoming games releasing this year, but for more promising 2023 Xbox releases, be sure to check out our list of new Xbox Series X games.

Catherine Lewis
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