Roguelike horror game Harvest Hunt has an official release window

Harvest Hunt
(Image credit: Villainous Games Studio)

Villainous Games Studio has revealed a brand-new look at their folk horror roguelike Harvest Hunt alongside an official release window.

During the IGN Fan Fest livestream today (February 20), it was announced that Harvest Hunt will launch this May for PC via Steam. The studio also unveiled an eerie new trailer showcasing the game's first-person action, featuring a voiceover by actor Samantha Béart, Baldur's Gate 3's Karlach.

Development on Harvest Hunt began in February 2022 as a smaller project for Villainous Games Studio, but during the almost two-year development cycle, it was able to "bring the vision to life."

"The village of Luna Nova is cursed by the looming shadow of the Devourer," the game description reads. "The appointed Warden must use stealth, strategy, and handcrafted tools in order to survive against the emerging horrors of each night. Will you rise as the village’s salvation, or become the next victim of an endless hunt?"

In the game, players will be able to engage in stealth as they sneak their way through the cornfields of Luna Nova and meet a colorful cast of characters, each with their own stories and personalities that piece together the truth of Luna Nova's curse through the fragments of their past.

Players will also have to survive the horrors of the night by sacrificing health to gain useful tools, face a hostile environment, as well as harvest important resources for their village, all while confronting a monster "vastly stronger than you."

As a roguelike, Harvest Hunt will feature 10-15 minute runs that are tailored to the player's deck of cards. It's up to the player to choose the correct tools that counter each night's randomized challenges, and the best strategy and decision-making will result in the best rewards. 

Although Harvest Hunt won't arrive for a few more months, Villainous Games Studio is offering players the chance to try out the game with a Steam demo, which is available now.

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