PlayStation Portal sales continue to do well as it reportedly becomes the best-selling PS5 accessory in 2024

Image of the PlayStation Portal handheld gaming device
(Image credit: Future/Rob Dwiar)

The PlayStation Portal is reportedly the best-selling accessory in the US for 2024.

The latest from Mat Piscatella, executive director and video game industry advisor at Circana, via PlayStation Lifestyle, who reports that eight months after its release, the official remote player for the PlayStation 5 has continued to sell well in the US markets. 

It's doing so well, in fact, that according to Circana, the PlayStation Portal was the best-selling accessory in dollar sales for both May and 2024 year-to-date.

The continued success of the PlayStation Portal follows earlier statements from Sony, which previously said that the sales for its handheld exceeded its own expectations. 

Earlier this year, PlayStation’s VP of product management Hiromi Wakai told Gamefile that the PS Portal is a niche product meant for people with specific needs.

"From the beginning, PlayStation Portal was intended to be a product best suited for people with specific needs and those who want to play in a specific way, so the reactions after the announcement were very much within our expectations," Wakai said at the time.

Wakai added that the Portal’s popularity helping Sony in "shipping more units consistently", and that "We will continue to bring more units to the market."

The PlayStation Portal launched in November 2023 and was quick to sell out in both the United States and United Kingdom within two days. Although the console doesn't support cloud gaming, it is set at a more affordable price compared to other handheld devices on the current market.

In TechRadar Gaming's five-star review, Managing Editor Rob Dwiar called the device "a tremendous success" and a "brilliant evolution in Remote Play", and said it offers "a smooth and stable way to play your PlayStation 5 library in your hands..."

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