Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth January 2024 release date confirmed

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth
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It’s been confirmed that Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth will be releasing on PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5 and PS4 on January 26, 2024, less than three months after Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name.

Infinite Wealth was first announced during the Xbox Games Showcase in June, and will follow the stories of Ichiban Kasuga and Kazuma Kiryu. The game will unfold in both Isezaki Ijincho in Yokohama, Japan, and Hawaii - the series’ first location outside of Japan. 

Beyond the release date news, fans now have 15 minutes of new trailers to pore over. Sega has released a 10-minute-long story overview, as well as a further five minutes of in-game footage showcasing the two different locations, combat system, and minigames. 

As Eurogamer reports, it’s also been confirmed that Danny Trejo and Daniel Dae Kim will be voicing new characters in the game. Kim is Masataka Ebina, the captain of a yakuza faction, while Trejo plays Dwight, the leader of the Barracudas (a Hawaiian mafia group).

Digital pre-orders for Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth are open now, and the different game editions and pre-order bonuses have been outlined. Anyone who pre-orders before January 25, 2024 will get access to the Special Job Set (containing the Linebacker and Tennis Ace jobs), as well as the Hero’s Booster Pack, which will let you increase your party members’ level and job rank by one.

As for the different editions, fans can pre-order the Deluxe Edition, which comes with the Master Vacation Bundle. This will allow players to “experience the all-new story of the Big Swell and enjoy special outfits and items available only in this bundle."

Alternatively, the Complete/Ultimate Edition (the name varies between the Ryu Ga Gotoku and official game websites) comes with the Master Vacation Bundle, Assorted Outfit Bundle, and the Yakuza CD Collection Set. The CD Collection Set contains classic karaoke songs that can be played as background music in certain spots. The Complete/Ultimate edition also includes the Sujimon Battle and Special Resort Packs - additional content that has not yet been detailed in full.

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