Larian and Microsoft are working on a fix for the Baldur's Gate 3 save file issue on Xbox

Baldur's Gate 3 Karlach
(Image credit: Larian Studios)

An official fix will be released to address the ongoing Baldur's Gate 3 save file bug on Xbox Series X|S.

Soon after the game's Xbox launch during The Game Awards 2023, players reported experiencing issues with their saves disappearing after crashing. The developer became aware of the problem and said a fix would be released to help with the issue, however, it looks like the bug has persisted on the platform.

As IGN reports, Larian's director of publishing Michael Douse took to Twitter / X to provide an update saying that the studio is working with Microsoft on a second fix "that should hopefully solve it."

He continued: "It’s looking optimistic. Not as simple as just patching the game itself, so kudos to the green team for being so on top."

Douse continued, saying that players should refer to Microsoft's recommendations to work around the bug temporarily, adding: "Good news is it shouldn’t be present on the Xbox retail version, so long as your Xbox firmware is up to date."

The Xbox Support account on Twitter also shared an update, and said: "Xbox is aware of a problem that can cause players to lose saved progress in Baldur’s Gate 3," and provided the previously mentioned instructions.

"In order to avoid this issue players should save their game and then return to the Xbox dashboard and select 'Quit Game' or 'Save to Quick Resume' from the game menu (Home, Game, Select, and then choose 'Save to Quick Resume' or 'Quit') when they finish playing.

"Users should not disconnect their console from the power. Users should select 'shut down' from the console menu and leave their Xbox connected to power."

We don't know when the patch will be released, but it's good to know it's on its way for those experiencing the game on Xbox for the first time.

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