Halo Infinite's current season will be its last as developer 343 Industries begins work on 'brand new projects'

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Halo Infinite developer 343 Industries has confirmed that active support for the game will be winding down after the current multiplayer season concludes.

As reported by GamesRadar, a 343 Industries livestream discussed the future of Halo Infinite, and confirmed that the well-received current season (Season 5) will be its last. However, that doesn't mean content for the Xbox Series X|S game will be drying up entirely, as its competitive multiplayer suite will still be supported with smaller updates for the foreseeable future.

343 Industries confirmed that seasons will be replaced by shorter-form 'Operations.' Accompanying battle passes for these Operations will have just 20 tiers (potentially making them much more manageable for some players) and will run for approximately four to six weeks. The first of these Operations will launch just over a week from now, on January 30.

During the livestream, the developer stressed that Halo Infinite isn't going offline anytime soon: "We have a dedicated team working on Halo Infinite, continuing to deliver going forward.

"But we also have additional teams now, accelerating towards the future, working on brand new projects. We are also growing and have exciting things for the future."

Whether it be the next Halo title or a new project entirely, it seems that 343 Industries is gearing itself up for its next big release. And hopefully, it'll feel much more feature-rich than Halo Infinite did at launch. Back when the game first released in late 2021, it was infamously missing staple series features like campaign co-op and the creative Forge mode. Players had to wait an extra year for both to be added to Halo Infinite.

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