Elden Ring fan discovers location of a datamined sword previously thought to be missing

A Tarnished in Elden Ring fighting a Tree Sentinel
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A sword previously uncovered in Elden Ring’s files and thought to be totally missing from the actual game has been discovered in the Lands Between, and it turns out it was hiding in plain sight all along. Unfortunately, for anyone keen to get their hands on a fancy new weapon, its purpose is purely decorative.

For context, this sword was highlighted a couple of months ago in a video by YouTuber Ziostorm, who explained that although an icon of it - and two other swords with identical hilts - had been datamined, there were no references to them in the game. They had no names or content IDs. 

Now, as GamesRadar+ reports, the story has evolved. First spotted by Twitter user @Pinopinisimo and highlighted by Ziostorm, one of these swords is actually one of the worn, non-functional weapons that can be found placed at gravestones in the game.

“Remember this cut sword from Elden Ring? We finally have a match for it. It seems the gravestone swords you can find across the Lands Between were originally meant to be a weapon the player could use," Ziostorm speculated.

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Replying to this tweet, @Pinopinisimo wrote: “I had that [sword] stuck in my head for weeks after I watched your video, so you can imagine how I jumped from my chair when I noticed it.”

It's not known if there ever were any plans for the sword to be useable, or if it was always intended to be a fancy piece of outdoor furniture.

Elden Ring is an enormous game, so it’s not entirely surprising that players might still be able to find new secrets in its world, even 19 months after its release (no, I can’t believe it’s been that long, either). Even so, it’s really cool, and the mystery isn’t entirely over, as the two other swords with identical hilts still haven’t been found. 

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