Cult of the Lamb devs say multiplayer is a possibility but are currently focused on the next update

Cult of the Lamb DLC
(Image credit: Devolver Digital)

Massive Monster has confirmed that Cult of the Lamb will receive more updates in the future and that multiplayer is something it would "love" to do.

The studio recently held a surprise Reddit AMA session where it allowed fans to ask questions about the development of its colorful roguelite game following the launch of its new expansion, Sins of the Flesh

The thread received a ton of questions, and we were able to learn plenty, including the fact that Massive Monster would love to do more collaborations, is planning on releasing even more downloadable content (DLC), and has even started thinking about its next game.

"Yes, there will be more DLCs, and we have also started thinking about our next game. See u in 4-5 years :')" said art director 'Jimp.'

There were a bunch of joking questions from the community throughout the thread, but we also learned that multiplayer could be joining the Cult of the Lamb at some point in the future.

When asked if multiplayer had ever been discussed, Jimp responded, "It's something we'd love to do in the future if possible, but right now we are focused on making the next update."

Sins of the Flesh added a plethora of new content when it was released on January 16,  which Massive Monster called the "biggest and most wicked content update yet," but fans are eager for more. 

One user asked if there are plans to expand the size of cult grounds due to it starting to feel cluttered and if the studio would ever consider rebuilding the game using Unreal Engine. 

To answer the first part, programmer 'Harrison' said that even though the team added a small expansion in Sins of the Flesh, "...yes, it's something that has been brought up multiple times and is near the top of our list."

However, in terms of rebuilding the game in a new engine, the developer says, "As much as we would love to, Unity is our bread and butter and would take quite a lot of time for all of us to learn a new engine. Maybe one day, though!"

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