Cities: Skylines 2 devs will keep working so the base game can 'reach its full potential' before releasing a DLC

City by the water
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Cities: Skylines 2 developers, Colossal Order, have promised fans that there won't be a DLC release until all the performance issues are dealt with. 

Cities Skylines 2 players have encountered a fair share of bugs since the release of the detailed city-building game. While Colossal Order has made fixing these issues a priority, some are still finding bugs that impact their experience.  

In a blog post, Colossal Order CEO Mariina Hallikainen outlined some of the recent issues and what the developer's plan is for the future. Hallikainen pointed out a balance issue relating to city trash collection, which the team is currently working on a fix for. This issue sees cities generate "an insane number of abandoned packs of dogs," which roam the streets, causing mayhem. 

There was also a slight issue with one of the radio adverts. Players pointed out that a skit focused on the fictional Spasm Electronics could be seen as offensive as it used sound effects, which some felt made light of seizures. Luckily, Hallikainen promised that Colossal Order would take on board every bit of "constructive criticism" and avoid making similar mistakes in the future. 

"We are also very much looking forward to starting to go through your suggestions for Cities: Skylines 2, such as adding some beloved quality-of-life improvements already familiar from the predecessor that was missed in the sequel due to priorities and time constraints", Hallikainen said in the blog post. "My pledge to you is that Colossal Order will keep working on Cities: Skylines 2 so it will reach its full potential".

Hallikainen also promised that there won't be a DLC until all the problems with Cities: Skylines 2 are fixed. Hopefully, this means that some serious fixes are underway and will reach players soon. Until then, be sure to check out this test city, which is available to play within Steam's refund window.

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