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Head on over to our dedicated PlayStation Portal restock checker for the latest stock and some tips to get your hands on the streaming handheld. Alternatively, jump straight to the PlayStation Portal alternative devices on this page to cut to the chase.

With the remote play device being hard to find anywhere, plenty of folks are now looking at PlayStation Portal alternatives in order to scratch that portable, handheld gaming itch. We're well-versed in handheld gaming here at TechRadar Gaming so have put together a range of similar devices for your consideration if you're currently struggling to find stock of the highly sought after streaming handheld.

The PlayStation Portal is a niche product aimed at a specific audience, but it has proved incredibly popular already with retailers running out of inventory all over. There's nothing that quite replaces the Portal in a like-for-like way, but there are a whole host of PlayStation Portal alternatives that you can consider if you are a little more flexible in terms of brief and budget.

To help you navigate your options, we've rounded up all the best PlayStation Portal alternatives and their cheapest prices right here.

Before we get into some good alternatives, here's a convenient way to check for stock of the PlayStation Portal remote play device.

Check PlayStation Portal stock at Amazon

Check PlayStation Portal stock at Amazon
PlayStation Portal inventory might have sold out basically everywhere but it doesn't hurt to keep checking stock in case any more units become available. In addition to Amazon, these are the retailers we recommend:

Best Buy | Walmart | Newegg | GameStop | Target

PlayStation Portal alternatives

Backbone One controller: $99.99 $67.86 at WalmartSave $32

Backbone One controller: was $99.99 now $67.86 at Walmart
Save $32 - The go-to device if you can't get your hands on the PS Portal. Compatible with most mobile phones, the Backbone One controller is the closest PlayStation Portal alternative. Just make sure you buy the right version for your phone. 

Price check: Amazon - $94.99 | Best Buy - $99.99

UK price: Amazon - £99.99

Nintendo Switch Lite (Blue): $194.99 at Walmart

Nintendo Switch Lite (Blue): $194.99 at Walmart
This is a strong price for a Nintendo Switch Lite, as they hold their $199.99 price tag quite stubbornly. This console is a good Portal alternative by virtue of costing the same - it'll also play Nintendo games natively and be an excellent on-the-go gaming option. It is only compatible with Nintendo Switch games though, so that's worth bearing in mind.

Price check: Best Buy - $199.99 | Amazon - $199

UK price: Amazon - £199

Nintendo Switch OLED: $339 at Walmart

Nintendo Switch OLED: $339 at Walmart
Taking things up a notch, the Nintendo Switch OLED is a superb PlayStation Portal alternative. It offers a more premium screen, more sotrage, and better speakers compared to the base model.

Price check: Amazon - $348

Price check: Amazon - £289.99

Logitech G Cloud: $349.99 $299.99 at Amazon
Save $50

Logitech G Cloud: was $349.99 now $299.99 at Amazon
Save $50 - The Logitech G Cloud is a superb cloud gaming system. While this is a PlayStation Portal alternative in the sense that it's a gaming handheld device, remember that this won't work with the PS Remote Play App so is strictly for gaming with the likes of Xbox Cloud Gaming or the Steam Link app.

Price check: Best Buy - $299.99

UK price: Amazon - £299

ASUS ROG Ally: $599.99 $399.99 at Best Buy
Save $200

ASUS ROG Ally: was $599.99 now $399.99 at Best Buy
Save $200 - This is a terrific saving on the excellent ROG Ally handheld. Differing from the PlayStation Portal in the fact that it can natively play PC games, it's got great specs and superb build quality.

Price check: Walmart - $554.99

UK price: Currys - £549

Steam Deck 64GB: $499 $424.98 at Amazon
Save $74

Steam Deck 64GB: was $499 now $424.98 at Amazon
Save $74 - The 'original' Steam Deck is seeing lots of price cuts now that the newer OLED model has been released. As far as PlayStation Portal alternatives go, this is one of the most capable and multi-faceted giving you a wealth of portable gaming options. 

UK price: Amazon - £399

If you need some more advice, we also have a breakdown of the PlayStation Portal vs Backbone One in addition to answering if you should you buy a PlayStation Portal. For a more general look at PlayStation Portal alternatives, check out the latest prices on a range of options below.

PlayStation Portal alternatives - FAQs

Should you buy a PlayStation Portal alternative?

If you are really committed to going for a gaming handheld device then you should seriously consider one of our picks for best PlayStation Portal alternative. They might not offer exactly the same experience or function as the PlayStation Portal but as portable gaming experiences go, these are all top options.

Is the PlayStation Portal worth it?

If your main goal with a handheld gaming device is to find another way to play your existing PS5 game library then the PlayStation Portal is absolutely worth it. It nails it's singular function brilliantly and is the perfect way to take your PS5 into your hands in order to free up the TV for someone else.

Looking for more on the Portal? Check out our guide to the best PlayStation Portal games for some excellent remote play experiences.

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