Why you shouldn't be disappointed with the latest Nintendo Indie World Showcase

Blasphemous 2 reveal
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Each time a Nintendo Direct or Indie World Showcase rolls around, it is no surprise that eager viewers quickly share their expectations and hopeful anticipation for specific announcements. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t fall into this category, too. 

While it’s fun to place bets and make assumptions about any potential content shown through an announcement, sometimes it gets to a point where the disappointment you feel should you not see what you’re waiting for can put you off discovering something that could quickly become your next favorite game. 

A perfect example of this would be any update on Team Cherry’s Hollow Knight: Silksong, one of the most anticipated upcoming games since first announced in 2019. Each time any sort of game announcement, be it a Nintendo Direct, an Indie World Showcase, or even going as far as Sony’s State of Play, it’s one of the first things players will express their need to see, and with the “first half of 2023” release window approaching with no update, I can understand why there’s almost a desperation in receiving any sort of update.  

Diamonds in the rough 

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk

(Image credit: Team Reptile)

After re-watching the indie showcase, aware that Team Cherry is holding back on any sort of update, I noticed just how many titles there are to enjoy immediately or in the coming months for the Nintendo Switch. Numerous games within the most recent Indie World Showcase are worth noting, especially if you are desperate to find a new adventure in what could become one of the best Nintendo Switch games

For example, navigating the simple yet satisfying world of Shadows over Loathing or settling down for a comforting boardgame-like experience with Quilts and Cats of Calico may not be the top of your list right now, but they could provide an all-new experience alongside a unique charm that you could easily ignore while waiting for something else. 

In particular, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, the spiritual successor of Jet Set Radio Future, may glisten with familiarity to a handful of players, and now with a concrete release date highlighted toward the end of the announcement, that's reason in itself to get excited. 

Even for those desperate to sink their teeth into some more Metroidvania action, the announcement of Blasphemous 2 shouldn’t go unnoticed, nor should the pixelated and haunting world of Animal Well. Although they aren’t the platformer many of us were expecting, it might scratch the itch of those patiently waiting for Silksong while offering a unique take on a well-loved genre.  

Don’t let it get you down 

Minekos Night Market Screenshot

(Image credit: Meowza Games)

So despite being among the crowd waiting for any update on Hornet’s next adventure, there’s still a mass of new titles to appreciate going from the announcement rather than focusing on the disappointment of the news we haven’t received. 

I, for one, am desperate to get ahold of the enchanting narrative of Mineko’s Night Market or try my hand at keeping on beat with Rift of the NecroDancer. At least I can take this extra time to brush up on my knowledge of Hallownest and beg the Mantis Lords for mercy before jumping into Hollow Knight’s esteemed sequel. 

Kara Phillips
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