These PlayStation Store horror game deals are scarily good

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Lately, it seems like time is going too fast, but thankfully spooky season isn’t over yet, and to celebrate this scary time, Sony has discounted hundreds of horror games in the Playstation Store. There are some great deals on offer, so you can see October out with a boo. 

Every year around October, horror games get put on the price-chopping block. While recent releases don’t often see much love, that’s not the case with this year’s sale. The Quarry’s not even been out six months, and it’s been discounted by £30. And, if you can stomach the terror of playing older horror games, you will find even deeper price cuts. (Not in the UK? Scroll down for horror game deals in your region)

We’ve taken a razer-sharp tooth comb to the PlayStation Store and found the best deals in the sale so read on for our top picks.

Today's best PlayStation Store horror game deals

Alien: Isolation – The Collection PS4:£47.99£9.59 at PlayStation StoreSave £38.40

Alien: Isolation – The Collection PS4: £47.99 £9.59 at PlayStation Store
Save £38.40 - Based on the iconic and terrifying ‘70s horror film Alien, Alien: Isolation will be sure to keep you up at night. This horror game has been around the block and has seen a few deals in its lifetime. But due to the quality of the game, it usually sits around £18 on sites like Amazon. So a deal this good is one you should grab before it’s too late.  

Bloodborne PS4:£15.99£7.99 at PlayStation StoreSave £8

Bloodborne PS4: £15.99 £7.99 at PlayStation Store
Save £8 - Fromsoftware’s RPG is the perfect game to get you in a bloody mood – you battle through the gothic city of Yharnam on a quest for blood and freedom. At £7.99, this is a great price to pick up one of the best games on the PS4.

The Quarry - Deluxe edition on PS4 and PS5:£74.99£44.99 at PlayStation StoreSave £30

The Quarry - Deluxe edition on PS4 and PS5: £74.99 £44.99 at PlayStation Store
Save £30 - This interactive drama horror game takes all the best parts of campsite horror movies and makes it all your problem. Despite the price tag for this one still being in the eye-watering range, it’s important to note that this is a new game, only released in June 2022, so a £30 discount isn't to be sniffed at.

Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition:£11.59£5.79 at PlayStation StoreSave £5.80

Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition: £11.59 £5.79 at PlayStation Store
Save £5.80 - One of the most successful indie games of all time, there's a lot to love in this 2D-sidescrolling game. Hollow Knight at full price is a very reasonable £11.59, but at £5.79, it’s a steal. This discount is a great excuse to check out this spooky game. 

Amnesia: Collection:£23.99£2.39 at PlayStation StoreSave £21.60

Amnesia: Collection: £23.99 £2.39 at PlayStation Store
Save £21.60 - For me, it isn’t Halloween until I’ve played this iconic survival adventure horror game. Being the oldest entry on this list, released back in 2010, Amnesia has seen plenty of sales and deals over the last decade. It can often be found at a low price, but this is one of the cheapest we’ve seen.  

Dying Light Definitive Edition:£47.99£11.99 at PlayStation StoreSave £36

Dying Light Definitive Edition: £47.99 £11.99 at PlayStation Store
Save £36 - This open-world, parkour-filled zombie survival horror game that allows you to fight the hordes solo or with friends is a great way to spend Halloween. Four of you can pick the game up for the price of a single copy.  

There are many other great discounts on offer in the PlayStation Store horror game sale, including some of the best horror games. The ones above are some of the best, but you may find a spooky thrill you’ve been holding out on is at a steep discount, so do give it a rummage.

It's worth noting that some of these games are included in the PS Plus games library, so make sure to check you don't already have access to them as part of your subscription before you splash the cash.

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