Learn something new with this seriously affordable e-learning service

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With many of us forced to stay within the confines of our homes this year, online learning platforms have provided a way to pass the time while also learning something new.

Udacity, for example, is renowned for its deep course library and high-quality classes. Its easy-to-navigate platform, meanwhile, helps learners identify the courses that are best for them.

Until June 30, Udacity is offering 75% off all its courses with code IM62175. This limited-time offer could help you learn the skills you need to launch into a new career or take a step forward in your current one.

Best e-learning de...

Udacity - Up to 75% off all courses with code IM62175
This powerful and flexible digital education platform lets even the busiest people learn something new. Note, pricing varies by course.

From data science to artificial intelligence, cloud computing, cybersecurity and more, Udacity's online programs and quality curriculum provide learners with high-impact skills favored by top companies. 

Visual learners will benefit from various video lectures, which provide thorough explanations of the trickiest concepts, while short quizzes at regular intervals ensure students are on the right track.

Why is this a great deal?

Udacity has over 100,000 graduations under its belt, with circa 200 experts helping create the content for its high-quality courses. The modules are structured to make learning more hands-on, without holding users to a strict schedule.

The company also collaborates with AWS, Google and Nvidia to provide only the highest grade content to users. With over 200 courses available, this popular online learning platform really delivers. 

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