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MSI Digivox Mini II V3 review

Freeview on your laptop, thank you MSI

While this isn't the smallest unit, it works well

Our Verdict

This unit does its job well enough and the software could swing it for some laptop users


  • Good accompanying software
  • USB extender


  • Quite bulky

The MSI Digivox is a large USB TV dongle with an RF antenna at one end that plugs into either your rooftop aerial or the supplied portable version. With support for 1080i High Definition broadcasts, this works as a digital terrestrial TV tuner, so you can receive Freeview channels.

In the box

Extras in the box include a USB extender, so the tuner won't obstruct your other USB ports - essential if they're all packed together as they are on many machines. You'll also find a mini-aerial but, as with all portable tuners, this is only as good as your local signal.

For software, MSI has opted to use third-party tools. You'll find Arcsoft Total Media and Magix Goya Base, both of which installed easily and, as they are compatible with Windows Media Centre Edition, can quickly be integrated with your laptop. While this isn't the smallest unit, it works well, as does the choice of software.