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XFX HD 5770 review

Mid-range DirectX11 gaming on a budget

XFX HD 5770
TechRadar's XFX HD 5770 reviews

Our Verdict

One of the few cards we'd seriously invest in for a budget Crossfire setup.


  • Single-width card
  • Decent performance
  • Cheap!
  • Suggests 2-card performance at a low price.

As the very cheapest of the HD 5770s we've tested, XFX's offering grabs our interest. Shop around, and you can have one of these for as little as £116 – that's a whole £35 cheaper than Sapphire's offering, with its four-screen EyeFinity capability.

And that's a claim that XFX's 5770 can't make. With just two DVI ports, a DisplayPort and no HDMI, it's a no-frills card. That lack of HDMI makes it less suited to home cinema, which leaves it as a pure gamer's card.

However, it makes up for it in elegance. While all the other 5770s we've tested are dual-width cards, the XFX is slim and single, which is a boon for smaller, sexier, SFF setups, and leaves more room in your case for components to breathe. Let's see how it fairs in the performance stakes.