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Antec Notebook Cooler review

Cool your laptop down with this cooling stand

The Antec Notebook Cooler blows cool air against your toasty notebook.

You may be thinking your laptop is feeling a little warm and in need of a cooling down. Consisting of two fans set into the base of the stand, the Antec Notebook Cooler does exactly as the name implies. With high and low settings, it can match your needs.

In use, we found setting it on low was sufficient, as the high setting makes things a little too cool. Don't be too concerned about the noise of the fans either, as with a 25dB rating you'll find things quiet.

Powered by USB, you can slot it into one of your laptop's ports and because it comes with a two-way adapter, the USB slot is still free for use by other peripherals.

This is a great laptop stand that anyone with a high-end machine will appreciate, as it'll keep even the most power-hungry machine cool.