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Our Verdict is a useful video conferencing tool for team meetings and client presentations. It doesn’t do much to stand out from the pack, though, and plans are pricey for large teams.


  • Includes built-in meeting schedule tool
  • Easily swap presenters mid-meeting


  • Most teams will need an expensive Pro plan
  • Limits on how many people can share webcam video, a video conferencing platform from LogMeIn is packed with productivity tools to help teams large and small. Better yet, it allows you to create a consistent branding experience when hosting video chats with clients. The only downside to this software is that it can be pricey to get unfettered access.

In our review, we’ll look at everything this software has to offer.

Plans and pricing

The Lite plan costs $10 per license per month and enables you to host video conferences with up to five participants. Note that only the presenter’s video is included in the stream, and you can’t record meetings. 2

Pricing options for (Image credit:

The Pro plan, for $20 per license per month, enables you to have up to 250 people in a video conference. Up to 10 participants can stream their webcam feeds at a time, and you can record any meeting. You also get on-screen annotation and pre-meeting scheduling options.

Finally, the Business plan adds administrative control over user accounts and Salesforce integration. It costs $30 per license per month.

Features and utilities includes a variety of productivity features designed with business teams in mind. Before you even jump into a video conference, you can schedule it with a built-in tool. This scheduler integrates with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook, and enables you to send meeting invites via email. 3 includes a built-in tool for scheduling meetings. (Image credit:

Inside your meeting, you have options to share your screen with participants and add annotations with simple drawing tools. Even better, you can unlock the annotation tools to let any participants draw on your screen. You can also record meetings with a single click. works well for team presentations, too. You can pass off the presenter role to allow another conference participant to share their screen, and re-share your own screen at any time. This is particularly useful for sales meetings, for example when multiple managers are making a joint pitch to a new client.


If you’re coordinating a video conference for people who don’t have, there’s nothing for them to download. They just need to click your invitation link or enter the meeting code on the website.

For migrating an entire team onto, the process is more involved, but still easy. Administrators can send email invites to licensed users to allow team members to create accounts. 4 allows team members to see all other users from the same company. (Image credit: LogMeIn)

If you have a Business subscription, you can even upload a CSV of email addresses and login credentials to create dozens or hundreds of accounts at once. In this case, each user’s directory will automatically show everyone in your company who is using the platform.

Interface and performance is available as a web-based interface, as a desktop program for Windows and Mac computers, or as a mobile app for Android and iOS devices. That means that no matter how you conduct business, you can access this video conferencing platform.

One of the things we liked best about is that you can set a default link address for all of your meetings. You can change this at any time, but setting your link to something consistent and memorable makes it easy for participants to access your video chats. It’s also an opportunity to brand your business meetings.

The meeting interface itself isn’t anything special, but it works well. You can share your screen with just a click, and all of the important tools are contained in a panel at the top of the screen. 5

The interface for an ongoing meeting. (Image credit: LogMeIn)

As for performance, we couldn’t find any lapses in the software with a test call between two people. If you ever do have issues as the number of participants increases, you have the option of calling into a conference line for audio.

Security has a few basic security precautions in place. The most important is that every meeting uses 256-bit TLS encryption. Screen recordings are encrypted and doesn’t keep copies on its servers. You also have the option to lock your meeting, so that new participants are required to get permission before joining—even if they have an invitation link. 6 allows you to lock meetings, requiring new participants to ask for entry. (Image credit: LogMeIn)

Support has a technical support team available by phone or email from 7 AM to 9 PM Eastern, Monday to Friday. Outside of those hours, you can use the software’s online knowledgebase. It’s heavy on video tutorials, which is nice, and the articles are searchable according to the device on which you’re using 7

The knowledgebase is fully searchable. (Image credit: LogMeIn)

The competition

While is nice, few of its features are unique. Zoom offers meetings of up to 100 participants and includes many of the same business features, like a built-in scheduler, for $14.99 per license per month. Freeconference is another affordable alternative. This platform offers video conferences of up to 15 people, with screen sharing, an online whiteboard, and meeting recording, for just $9.99 per license per month.

Final verdict is extremely easy-to-use video conferencing software. The platform includes several tools that are particularly useful for business teams, such as presenter swaps, screen recording, and on-screen annotation. While this software can be pricey for larger teams, there’s plenty to like about it if your business uses video chat for everyday meetings and client presentations.